Ecomoor, The Next-Generation Mooring System
Published on 25 Aug ‘19
Ecomoor – Q&A
Ecomoor, The Next-Generation Mooring System

Historically, blocks and chains have mostly been used to secure marine buoys. While this traditional method gets the job done, it also presents several drawbacks that can lead to increased costs, more frequent maintenance and affect the surrounding environment.

Traditional chain mooring systems act as a weight on the seabed. The chains move on the seabed when the marine buoys pull and shift due to tidal and/or wind and wave action situations, resulting in destruction of bottom vegetation. The disturbance to the seabedcan suspend sediment and increase turbidity, diminishing the level of sunlight and light attenuation critically important to seagrass growth and survival. Chains are also difficult to maintain and inspect in full. Steel links wear due to constant movement and rust due to salinity. Installing chain mooring systems is very labor intensive, as it requires heavier lifting and handling equipment.

More and more marinas, ports, cities and countries around the world are looking for new solutions that address these issues, prohibiting chain moorings and requiring more environmentally-friendly moorings (EFMs) to help preserve our natural environment.

Ecomoor is a pioneering, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional mooring systems. It is the next-generation mooring system. It promotes low maintenance, reduced manpower resources and sustainability. Ecocoast is committed to solving the world’s most pressing marine problems and creating a more pioneering marine industry through developing pioneering solutions for a better marine environment.

Another Ecomoor installation will be done in Dubai this week. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, download our Ecomoor datasheet and Q&A document below that answers clients’ most common questions, such as: Where is it manufactured? What is the material? How to select strength & length? What is the lifespan?  

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