Floating Pontoon, Four Seasons
Published on 04 Nov ‘19
Multi-purpose floating wooden pontoon at Jumeirah Beach
Floating Pontoon, Four Seasons

We recently refurbished the 9m x 9m floating donut (but square) pontoon island that was installed at a 5-star resort along Jumeirah Beach last year, to create a unique, first-class swim, sunbathe and pool space. Made up of modular pontoons and finished with wood composite decking, this multi-purpose floating platform is located a few meters from the beach and able to accommodate children and adults.

It offers comfort of use and maximum safety, because of its relatively low freeboard and ergonomic ladders. The pontoon also blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment, thanks to its shape and the materials used in the design phase.

This type of floating pontoons can be used to create platforms of any size and shape for different purposes. They can also be fitted with a number of accessories, according to the needs of each project. The floating platform can easily be dismantled and stored away when beach season is over, and reassembled or even expanded when necessary.

It is ready to be used by many bathers this season!

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