Swimming lines: Creating a safe swimming zone
Published on 17 Aug ‘16
How to create a safe swimming zone?
Swimming lines: Creating a safe swimming zone

Swimming has been on everyone’s mind lately, especially in the UAE. The first UAE female Olympian swimmer, Nada Al Bedwawi, just returned from the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Also resorts seem to be focusing on their swimming areas, as we’ve recently seen an increase in the number of requests for swimming barriers. Many are looking into (re-)installing floating barriers to segregate and protect swimming areas from passing boats and jetskis.

Ecobarrier manufactures various models of swimming barriers to suit different applications, mainly depending on the level of demarcation that is required for a particular marine environment. The barriers can be custom made and are generally made up of a combination of small floats and larger marker buoys connected by a high tension floating rope or tension lines. In areas of high marine traffic, the barriers are enhanced by larger navigation buoys, to ensure easy visual identification of the barrier.

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