Beach Maintenance & Cleaning
Published on 19 Sep ‘16
Cleaning versus deep cleaning: What is the difference?
Beach Maintenance & Cleaning

In the beach cleaning world, not all machines are equal. There is a significant difference in performance between beach cleaning machines that is important to understand before starting a beach cleaning project.

Small walk-behind models tend to rake the sand, meaning that they touch only the upper surface of the sand and barely remove any debris. If your objective is to lightly aerate the sand, or if you have a beach with only a small amount of surface debris or a small area, these models can be an economical choice. However, majority of beaches require more than just raking of the surface to obtain a safe and clean beach.

If your objective is to screen out small and large debris both above and below the surface, a more robust beach cleaner, which gives a truly deep clean, is the best choice. You should look for a self-propelled or tractor-towed machine capable of using multiple sieving screens and a deep operating depth. These machines operate by removing sand and debris from up to 200mm below the surface, screening all debris and loading it into a hopper while returning the screened and aerated sand to the beach. While these machines are costlier to operate than the smaller raking models, their ability to clean deep and remove large debris means they can cover a greater area and are a more cost-effective long-term solution.

Want to find out more about both models? Why not download our full Technical Note?

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