Jellyfish back in the Gulf: A commentary
Published on 10 Aug ‘16
Jellyfish back in the Gulf: A commentary
Jellyfish back in the Gulf: A commentary

Short commentary on The National article dd. August 9, 2016, ‘Swimmers in UAE at risk of summer jellyfish stings’ (by Anam Rizvi).

It is important to be vigilant, but staying away from the sea might be extreme advice. Many beach resorts in the region take the jellyfish problem seriously, and have taken preventive measures by placing jellyfish nets in the sea in front of their resorts, in order to protect the swimming areas. This protective system has proven to be extremely effective.

Ecobarrier also manufactures and supplies jellyfish nets. Our jellyfish nets are (custom) made in the UAE and are perfect for the Gulf climate. The nets are designed for quick and easy maintenance. They can be supplied as a stand-alone barrier or detachable barrier that can be attached to an existing swimming line.

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