Floating pontoons, HDPE pontoons, modular pontoons
Published on 25 May ‘16
Modular floating pontoon: Applications in Dubai
Floating pontoons, HDPE pontoons, modular pontoons

What are floating pontoons? A floating pontoon (modular) can be assembled in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is quick to install and remove. It is suitable for use as temporary or permanent jetty, firework pontoon or work platform. Floating pontoons have a diverse range of accessories that can be fitted to them to extend their use further, such as timber or steel decking, ladders, bollards and handrails. Decks can be covered with carpet, marine ply, steel or other surfaces. Ecocoast’s plastic modular pontoon units have been used for events like fireworks displays, sports competitions and dance parties.

Having extensive experience in the marine industry, the Ecocoast team has designed and installed a vast array of modular pontoon systems for events, recreational, commercial and private use. Combining the technical know-how of the aquatic team and the versatility of the modular pontoon system, give Ecocoast and its clients a very customizable and adaptable solution to many requirements. Examples:

  • JBR Modular Pontoon System: Due to several large storms passing through the Dubai coastline a permanent pontoon system was damaged beyond repair. Ecocoast was contracted to come up with a solution to provide the client with a temporary structure to utilize, whilst a more long-term decision was being made. Ecocoast used the existing tubular piles as anchoring points to replicate the square footage and layout of the previous finger pontoons.
  • Port Rashid Dive Platform: One of Ecocoast’s clients needed a rapid turnaround on a temporary, modular platform to store plant and diving equipment on, whilst anodes were being attached to tubular piles. Ecocoast was able to mobilize, assemble and install a 4m x 9m modular floating platform with handrails within 24 hours of the client’s request. The hire was approximately 2 months long and enabled the client to work off a safe and buoyant platform, while completing the final deliverables of their project.

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