How Ecocoast helped deliver the 2021 NYE fireworks
Published on 05 Jan ‘21
How Ecocoast helped deliver the 2021 NYE fireworks
How Ecocoast helped deliver the 2021 NYE fireworks


We take a look at how Ecocoast helped deliver the 2021 NYE fireworks for clients in Dubai and Sharjah, despite challenging circumstances.

For many years, Ecocoast has been a proud partner of many spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks shows – including the globally renowned annual extravaganza on the Palm Jumeirah. We have lent our expertise and experience to several firework shows over the years, supporting the likes of Atlantis The Palm in Dubai and Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah as they deliver technically complex and challenging displays for thousands of guests and viewers. We’ve even helped Ras Al Khaimah break two world records – for the longest chain of fireworks and the longest straight line of fireworks – in 2018.

Therefore, it was no surprise that we were approached again by our fireworks clients to provide support for their marine-based fireworks shows. This year, we were involved in three major NYE events – Atlantis The Palm, Bulgari Hotel and Resorts, both in Dubai, and Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah.

We were tasked with providing pontoons that would serve as platforms to shoot the fireworks from. The pontoons were customised to fit all the customer requirements in terms of size and buoyancy. We deployed HDPE pontoons with timber substructures as platforms for the fireworks. The pontoons were anchored as per Ecocoast’s designs.

How Ecocoast helped deliver the 2021 NYE fireworks

Apart from this, we also provided full marine support for the projects, including commercial boats and licensed divers to perform the underwater works, as well as the safety systems required for each event. Marine buoys with marine lanterns were installed during the hire period to make sure that the pontoons were properly marked and safe.

These three events were carried out in cooperation with Ruggieri / Etienne Lacroix Group (FED), with whom we have a long and successful history when it comes to carrying out firework events.

This relationship was especially beneficial for us this year as we faced quite a big challenge when it came to the organisation of the shows. The preparation time was significantly shorter than we were afforded in previous years. As such, our team had to be agile and be able to operate on a different organisational level, so as to be able to execute projects in line with all of the clients’ requirements.

We had to do a lot of pre-planning and multitasking in order to make sure that things were rolling in the right direction – this is where our exemplary teamwork and high levels of communication between departments and teams came to the fore, allowing us to succeed despite these challenging circumstances.

Approximately 23 Ecocoast team members were deployed across all three events, amongst which we had a project manager, a logistics officer, a marine foreman, a foreman, licensed divers, licensed boat operators, drivers, and helpers. Each and every member of the project teams had a specific role and assignment to fulfil, as well as a timeframe in which to deliver the assignment within.

We also had teams in charge of the preparation and transportation of the materials, teams for the assembly and dismantling, as well as teams to carry out the anchoring of the pontoons. Support was also provided for the transportation of staff.

Given the scale of these operations, it is fair to say that every single member of the Ecocoast team is equally deserving of praise for the successful execution of the three projects. It was only because of the constant communication between all levels that the teams were able to make sure that everything was aligned, and that preparation went smoothly.

On that note, we at Ecocoast would like to wish all our clients and partners a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2021!

Ned Stevanovic

If you would like to know more about our event services, get in touch with Ned Stevanovic at [email protected] or +971 4 885 3944. Delivering successful marine fireworks events since 2014.


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