Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys: Floating Buoy EFB-650
Published on 21 Jun ‘17
Navigation Buoys – 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions
Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys: Floating Buoy EFB-650

Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions we receive from our prospective clients:

1| What kind of navigation buoys do you have? 

Ecobarrier’s portfolio of navigation product solutions includes a range of high quality UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene buoys suited for harsh UV weather conditions, like in the Middle East. The products are UV-15 stabilized for 15,000 hours of exposure, which means that the color will not fade or bleach in our high UV environment – a significant quality difference compared to many of our competitors. Our product range includes navigation buoys, floating buoys and mooring buoys, with diameters of 600mm up to 3,600mm.

2| Where are the buoys manufactured?

The buoys are manufactured in Dubai Investment Park. The team has spent over 24 months conducting R&D and collaborating with industry leaders in design and testing phases, to manufacture a product that offers superior quality and performance. As the buoys are made locally in the UAE, delivery times are short.

3| Can they be customized?

Customization options are available, depending on the type of buoy. The buoys can be customized with mould-in graphics, solar lanterns/panels, top marks, signage, radar reflectors and monitoring systems. All buoys are conform to IALA guidelines (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities). Ecobarrier is a proud Industrial Member of IALA since it started manufacturing navigation buoys.

4| What applications can they be used for?

Our strong, durable navigation buoys are suitable for all types of marine environments. The products are successfully being used to demarcate a variety of marine areas, such as waterways, marinas, port entrances, including offshore locations.

5| Do you provide installation services?

We distribute the buoys globally and provide the full installation and maintenance services across the Middle East. In addition to that, we also provide technical support to assist with model selection and anchoring methodologies.

To sum up, we offer a product with superior quality and performance, coupled with competitive prices and short lead-times. If you are interested in knowing more, get in touch with us for complete material property brochures and datasheets.

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