Our Cherrington machines in action at Deira Islands

Our Cherrington machines in action at Deira Islands
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Our Cherrington 5500 and 4500XL beach cleaning machines have already been mobilized for over a month at Deira Islands.

Our beach cleaners have been proven effective and efficient on beaches, construction sites and golf courses. Since 2014, we have cleaned over 2,800,000 square meters of area and removed over 2,240 cubic meters of rock and other debris, equating to over 5,180 tonnes or 50 trailer loads.

Unlike beach cleaners with the long, revolving mesh screen belt design, Cherrington machines are designed to ‘Lift and Screen’ sand thoroughly in one efficient pass. Cherrington beach cleaners collect unwanted rocks, cigarette butts and other trash in the hopper, basically everything larger than the screen hole size is screened from the beach, while the sand is aerated and then returned immediately to the beach.

For more information about our beach cleaning services, please contact us at [email protected] We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.