How Ecocoast can help prepare for jellyfish season
Published on 14 Jun ‘22
How Ecocoast can help prepare for jellyfish influx
How Ecocoast can help prepare for jellyfish season


In some parts of the world, jellyfish populations hit their peak over the summer when the water is the warmest, so we look at how we, at Ecocoast, can help hotels and resorts prepare for this jellyfish influx.

One of the key requirements for any hospitality and recreational service provider is to have access to a beachfront, as this is one of the main attractions to tourists and holidaymakers looking to enjoy some sunshine and work on their tans.

However, with this heavy demand for beachfront comes a requirement to keep them clean and safe for all those using them. This comes in many forms, and whether it’s keeping the sand clean or making sure that the water is free from hazards or pollutants, owners, operators and government agencies all have a responsibility to ensure that beachgoers are provided with a safe and secure environment to relax in.

Examples of these hazards can be seen on a regular basis, with beaches periodically being hit by naturally occurring phenomena such as swarms of jellyfish, other beaches being impacted by man-made disasters such as oil spills and debris.

Therefore, it becomes essential to have adequate protection in place in the water, which is where our range of modular protection solutions comes into play.

We not only offer oil booms that can help contain and minimise the damage caused by oil spills, but we also offer containment booms that can control foam and construction debris to prevent water pollution, as well as a range of custom-made jellyfish nets to protect swimmers and recreational users.

How Ecocoast can help prepare for jellyfish season
Ecobarrier Jellyfish Nets on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the UAE

While our oil and containment booms are regularly used across the industry, our jellyfish nets are perhaps not as well known.

Primarily used at public, private and hotel beaches to protect swimmers from jellyfish in a confined area, our range of nets perform a similar role (or may be part of) a swimming barrier to demarcate a safe swimming area, and deter marine traffic and stop jellyfish from entering at the same time.

They can also be part of a debris boom to protect a swimming area of floating debris. Our nets are custom-made for each project and are designed for quick and easy maintenance, repositioning, re-installation or removal.

Given that jellyfish blooms happen seasonally, and that our beachfronts are regularly hit by them in varying numbers, perhaps hotels and resorts need to re-examine their preparedness in case they are affected by this naturally occurring phenomena, which can disrupt the comfort of their guests and spoil their experience.



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