The next-generation mooring system.

Ecomoor Synthetic Mooring logoEcomoor®, the next-generation mooring system, is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional mooring systems. Ecomoor does not damage the seabed like traditional mooring chains, as the mooring line floats in all marine conditions and environments. Its light weight makes it very easy to install and maintain. Lengths range from 2 up to 20 meters, however, can be extended or connected together to create longer lengths, depending on project requirements. 

Our Aids to Navigation (AtoN) offering is now complete. A full range of marine buoys, marine lanterns and mooring systems, both traditional and ecomoorings, are now available in the region.

Visit our Marine Buoys page, or our Marine Lanterns page here. Alternatively, go to our Resources page to find out the difference between traditional mooring and Ecomoor.



Ecomoor Synthetic Mooring
ApplicationsNavigation buoys


Ecomoor Synthetic Mooring


Technical Specifications
Break Strength (T)481220305070100
Weight (kg/m)0.200.300.350.551.001.402.003.00
Polyurethane460% elongation-30˚C to +90˚C35 MPa tensile strength
Nylon35% elongationUp to 149˚C
SteelHDG 306 or 316
2 to 20 M (as per project requirements; multiple lengths can be connected for deeper moorings)