Mooring Reimagined - Sustainability Bits
Published on 12 May ‘20
Ecomoor: Changing the game
Mooring Reimagined - Sustainability Bits

How Ecomoor Is Changing The Game

Historically, chains have always been used for a variety of marine mooring applications. That has changed. Ecomoor is changing the game by fast tracking the shift from traditional mooring chains to the next-generation of mooring systems.

Traditional mooring chains have a couple of significant disadvantages. They are made of steel, which means that rust is a common sight. Aside from the unavoidable corrosion issue, their links wear and become thinner from constantly dragging along the seabed, often resulting in additional damages in the form of broken and loose chains. From an installation perspective, heavy equipment is typically required given their large weights. All in all, a rather expensive option, as they require more maintenance, more manpower, including heavier equipment for lifting and installing.

Ecomoor was officially launched in 2019 after a full year of designing, testing and improving its beta version. It can be used – and has already been used extensively – in applications such as marine buoys, aquaculture, floating solar parks and other floating structures. Ecomoor is an environmentally-friendly mooring solution, as it prevents damage to the seabed in sensitive regions with corals and seagrass. It is lightweight, reducing transport and installation costs.

Ecomoor Applications 

1. We were awarded the mooring scope for the first floating solar farm in the Middle East, off Zaya Nurai Island, which was also one of the first floating solar installations in an offshore, salt water environment in the world. Ecomoor was specifically chosen to provide the best possible mooring solution for this project.

“Given the significant engineering challenges of safely installing and operating electrical generation equipment in a harsh and environmentally sensitive offshore environment, we identified Ecocoast as the perfect partner for this installation.” Daniel Zywietz, CEO of Enerwhere.

2. Ecomoor has been deployed on multiple Aids to Navigation (AtoN) projects across the GCC, Indian Ocean and Africa over the past year, and is being used more and more when clients are focusing on making communities, developments or construction safe, resilient and sustainable.

3. Fish farming and other aquaculture projects, and in particular farms situated in locations where it would be difficult to use traditional mooring systems.

With the added benefits of low maintenance costs due to easier and shorter cleaning times, reduced transportation, installation and operation costs, and the fact that it does not drag along the seabed and cause damage, Ecomoor is an easy choice.


Moorforce, our advanced mooring calculator, was developed specifically with Ecomoor in mind. It is designed to make it easier to determine the right mooring system for any given location and application.

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Ecomoor, The Next-Generation Mooring System
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Moorforce, An Advanced Mooring Calculator





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