Ecocoast continues operation to replace failing buoys with EFB-650s
Published on 05 Dec ‘21
A complete range of AtoN on offer
Ecocoast continues operation to replace failing buoys with EFB-650s


In the maritime world, the term Aids to Navigation covers a wide range of man-made objects that help mariners find their way around waterways and waterbodies. Unlike roads and highways on land, the seas do not have clearly defined markers that tell travellers their location or warn them of potential hazards. Therefore, these Aids to Navigation (AtoN) help them to determine their position or plot a safe course to make landfall, avoid dangers, and chart a way through coastal waters.

Aids to Navigation include instruments and materials such as buoys, day beacons, lights, lightships, radio beacons, fog signals, marks, and other devices that provide guidance to operators on the water. They also include all visible, audible and electronic symbols established by the government and private authorities for piloting purposes.

A complete range of AtoN on offer

At Ecocoast, we offer a complete marine navigation solution to aid safe navigation worldwide. A comprehensive list of marine buoys, as well as a portfolio that includes Ecobarrier Mooring Buoys, Light Buoys and Floating Buoys.

Our marine buoys are successfully being used to demarcate a variety of marine and coastal areas, such as waterways, marinas, port entrances, rivers, and ocean and offshore locations. They can be customised with solar lanterns, a range of different configurations and colour codes, conform to International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) guidelines.

Amongst these AtoNs are our range of Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys, including the ENB-1500, which can be deployed in water depths of up to 30 metres, and can be used nearshore, inland waterways, ports and harbours.

These units can also be customised with our Ecomoor or traditional anchoring systems, have on-mould or mould-in graphics, while Hyperion Marine Lanterns can also be attached to them, along with Top Marks or Signages that will communicate and warn marine vehicle operators in the water around the barriers, about their presence.

Most interestingly however, our ENB-1500 units can be fitted out with water quality monitoring options, which will allow them to play a crucial role in managing and maintaining the marine ecosystems around them.

The entire range of AtoNs have been designed for harsh UV environments and use the highest quality UV-stabilised virgin polyethylene. We also provide a range of self-contained solar LED lanterns for demarcation purposes, with a six nautical mile visible radius.

Our AtoN range is completed by Ecomoor, which is a next-generation, highly sustainable alternative to traditional mooring systems like chains or wire ropes. Designed with neutral buoyancy in mind, Ecomoor does not damage sensitive marine environments as it floats in all conditions and environments, making it an ideal solution for regions with coral or seagrass.

Get in touch if you have any questions about our Aids to Navigation range, customisations or would need any help with identifying the right specifications & designing navigation requirements!


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