Beach cleaning demo at Arabian Ranches
Published on 30 Jan ‘17
Beach cleaning demo at Arabian Ranches
Beach cleaning demo at Arabian Ranches

We recently teamed with our partners at Hydroturf International FZCO to demo the beach cleaning performance of the Cherrington 440XL, a robust tractor-towed beach cleaner capable of using multiple sifting screens and a deep operating depth to truly deep clean sand.

An area of about 150m x 40m was screened, removing approximately 300kg of rocks, stones and other debris in less than 2 hours.

Unlike small walk-behind beach cleaning machines, the Cherrington 440XL removes small and large debris both above and below the surface and returns the sifted sand to the beach, achieving a thorough facelift. The machine makes it possible to maintain a cleaner, safer area of sand quickly, while improving the quality drastically.

The demo at the Ranches turned out to be a success. All attendees were impressed with the machine and see the benefits of what it can achieve.

If you’re interested in seeing the performance of our beach cleaners, please let us know, and we’ll set up a live demo. Email [email protected] or call 04 885 3944.

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