Beach cleaning: Spot the difference

01st May 2017
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We are currently doing beach cleaning for different beach resorts and luxury residential communities on Dubai’s manmade island of Palm Jumeirah. Cleaning 5-star resorts and residences is no mean task, as it requires considerable efforts in scheduling and taking care of the logistics among others.

We offer a cleaning regime that fits in with our clients’ specific situations, covering both standard operating hours and after-hours. Our beach cleaning team is currently working between 85 and 90 hours per week to maintain safe and high quality beach areas and bring significant aesthetic improvements.

Our Cherrington beach cleaning machines remove the majority of material over 6 millimetres, leaving behind a smooth levelled and groomed finish. We had to upload these photos of a recent beach cleaning job on the Palm. Spot the difference. This is what we like…when we can see the difference we have made for our clients. Well done, team!