How can we help with your marine event?
Published on 12 Mar ‘18
How can we help with your marine event?
How can we help with your marine event?

Besides beach cleaning and nourishment, Ecocoast also regularly designs, constructs and installs temporary facilities for special events. Our special event works cover the full service of marine works from planning and project management, government approvals, construction, installation, manpower, to equipment supply and removal. Our experience ranges from full service marine works for major events, such as UAE National Day and New Year’s Eve, to special events such as car racing (Formula 1 Grand Prix), swimming (FINA & AD Triathlon) and beach events (Barasti Wet & Wild).

How can we help with your marine event? Below is a selection of Ecocoast’s equipment that is used on a regular basis for a variety of events.

Plastic Modular Pontoons: The plastic modular pontoons allow us to assemble them in an indefinite variety of shapes and sizes to suit any requirement you may have. The floating pontoons have a diverse range of accessories that can be fitted to them to extend their use further, such as timber or steel decking, handrails, bollards, access ladders and rubber fenders. Our plastic modular pontoon units have been used for events like fireworks displays, sports competitions and dance parties.

TCB Landing Craft: TCB is a custom designed aluminium hulled vessel that can apply itself to a multitude of uses. The deck space in front of the captain’s cabin means that it is not only great for construction works but also for events. We use TCB on our annual fireworks projects to transport live fireworks to floating platforms. We have also used it for a number of media projects as a camera boat. Camera and tripod were set-up on the deck to help produce a number of television commercials that went live.

Steel Catamarans: Our steel catamarans are custom designed and developed for offshore fireworks projects. The two tubular hulls provide great buoyancy in rough seas, and the top framework portion is fabricated in such a way that steel or marine timber decking can be applied. The pontoons were used to great effect on a number of New Year’s fireworks displays up and down the UAE coastline. They are lightweight, easy to mobilize and quick to assemble.

Temporary Barge Ramps: Using geosynthetic containers, Ecocoast is able to provide cost and time effective solutions for temporary barge ramps and moorings. Our beach preparation equipment, heavy plant equipment and product supply go hand-in-hand to enable us to offer a full turnkey solution to meet these requirements. Being a marine construction company means that we have a great deal of knowledge and experience to carry out these kinds of projects to the highest of standards.

Temporary Navigation Channels and Markers: Our in-house manufactured navigation buoys have been used to demarcate a variety of marine areas, and served as temporary navigation markers to provide safe navigation while events were happening.

Beach Preparation Works: Being a predominantly coastal region, the UAE has a lot of beaches that have huge potential for a wide variety of events and shows. Ecocoast has a fleet of specialized beach preparation equipment that is perfect for any public or private contract. We have used the machines to great effect on events, ranging from weddings to beach soccer events for the construction of artificial beaches.

Interested in more information? Visit our events page or contact us to find out how we can assist you on your next sports, dance, fireworks or filming project by calling +971 4 885 3944.

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