Published on 09 Jul ‘24
How to Use Oil Booms During Oil Spills
how to use oil booms


How to use oil booms during oil spills is a common question we receive at Ecocoast. We now offer five types of oil booms – each designed to address specific conditions such as location, tidal flow, waves and installation duration. In this blog post, we’ll highlight which of our oil booms are most effective for managing oil spills.


Over the past month, there have been several significant oil spill incidents. The Dutch dredger Vox Maxima collided with a fuel supply ship in Singapore, causing the worst oil spill in a decade for that region. It resulted in 400 tons of oil leaking into the sea. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) continues cleanup efforts, focusing on hard-to-reach coastal areas according to their latest press release. Several beaches have been impacted.

In the Red Sea, the British Rubymar sank following a missile strike, leading to pollution concerns. There’s currently a call by the UN for oil pollution response equipment to address this environmental threat. The ship remains partially submerged with bunker fuel and fertilizer cargo onboard, posing a significant risk to Yemen’s nearby Hanish Islands, an ecologically rich area.


Containing oil spills with booms

Oil booms are crucial in preventing oil spills from spreading uncontrollably. By acting as floating barriers, they can effectively contain and concentrate oil slick, making it easier to remove the oil from the water surface. They are essential for protecting sensitive areas such as inlets, fishing grounds and coastal infrastructure to reduce the risk of environmental damage. They also facilitate a more efficient cleanup process.

Using the right type of boom for specific conditions ensures maximum effectiveness in spill containment and protection.

Ecobarrier Inflatable Oil Boom for inshore locations

For inshore protection, we recommend the Ecobarrier Inflatable Oil Boom. Designed for rapid deployment in emergency situations, this boom is ideal for protecting sensitive locations like mangroves near ports or harbors. Stored on a reel, it allows for swift and efficient deployment during critical situations.

See also: Protecting Kalba from oil spills. In response to frequent oil spills, we tested an emergency boom in Kalba, the UAE. It was observed by government officials and coast guard officers. The spills impacted fishermen, hoteliers, tourists and environmental authorities. Kalba, known for its fishing harbor and nature reserve, focused on being prepared to reduce environmental harm.

Spate of oil spills highlight importance of containment booms

Ecobarrier Solid Flotation Oil Boom for strong tidal flow

In areas with stronger tidal flows and waves, the Ecobarrier Solid Flotation Oil Boom is the right choice. It is a general-purpose boom suitable for various water environments and is well-suited for challenging conditions like those in Yemen.

See also: Water News Europe – Breaking boundaries: How Ecocoast is addressing the spread of lethal algae blooms. In the Netflix sustainability documentary Breaking Boundaries, Johan Rockström emphasized the growing environmental impact of green-blue algal blooms in European waters. We installed floating booms in Belgium to contain these blooms, successfully preventing algae from entering the water supply without resorting to chemicals.

Ecobarrier Beach Sealing Oil Booms

Our newly launched Ecobarrier Beach Sealing Oil Booms are designed to create a seal between land and water, preventing spills from spreading onshore. These booms, which might have been beneficial during the Singapore oil spill, feature rapid deployment capabilities, being air-inflated and easy to deploy. They effectively contain spills, stopping oil from spreading further onto beaches and causing additional damage. They can also easily be attached to any of our other booms.


Oil spills can have devastating environmental impacts, but with the right equipment, we can mitigate these effects and protect our waters. If you’re looking for reliable and efficient solutions to manage oil spills, explore our range of oil booms.

Contact us todayto learn more about how our solutions can help protect your coastal and marine environments. Together, we can make a difference.

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