Oil booms: Types and functions explained

Ecobarrier Intake Booms
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Oil Booms, also often referred to as Oil Spill Containment Booms, are primarily used to contain oil spills and unwanted debris to prevent further damage to the marine environment.

We have four types of oil booms under the brand name Ecobarrier. Foam-Filled Oil Booms, Solid Flotation Booms, Harbour Booms and Emergency Oil Booms. Each is designed for specific environmental conditions and project durations.

  1. Foam-Filled Oil Booms – Suitable for short-term installations and calm water environments. The booms can be deployed much faster than any other oil boom, due to their lightweight construction.
  2. Solid Flotation Booms – Suitable for longer term installations and low to high currents. These are general purpose booms that operate with little maintenance and provide years of performance.
  3. Harbour Booms – Heavy-duty, durable oil booms suitable for permanent installations.
  4. Emergency Oil Booms – Rapid deployment, air-inflated booms for protected waters. They can be stored on boom reels – the most effective way of deployment in emergency situations, and a good choice for when storage space is limited.

More details here about the Ecobarrier oil boom range. 

The range can be used in ports, harbours, petrochemical shipping terminals and desalination plants. The booms are manufactured in the UAE, allowing us to deliver them with the shortest lead-times in the market. They are fully customizable and anchoring accessories are also available.

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