Ecobarrier Floating Buoys EFB-650 help create safe swimming zones
Published on 07 Jun ‘20
Ecobarrier Floating Buoys EFB-650 help create safe swimming zones
Ecobarrier Floating Buoys EFB-650 help create safe swimming zones

Ecobarrier Floating Buoys EFB-650 Help Create Safe Swimming Zones Along Dubai Coastline

Dubai is home to some of the best beaches, blessed with long stretches of golden sand. Many of them are affiliated with hotels that both tourists and residents can take advantage of. But, there are also many public beaches in Dubai to choose from. According to Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring Program, 8 public beaches have received the Blue Flag certification, reflecting a clean, safe and well-maintained environment to enjoy.

All swim areas at those public beaches are marked off by floating buoys and swimming barriers, in order to demarcate safe swimming and watersport zones. Majority of the existing buoys along the coastline, however, were worn and failing, and had to be replaced by new floating buoys of international standards to ensure the safety of recreational users such as swimmers, kayakers and paddle boarders. That is where we came in.

Ecobarrier Floating Buoys EFB-650 have been installed to replace those existing, failing buoys since 2017. Over 200 buoys have been replaced so far across the Dubai coastline, to demarcate a safe public swimming area as a barrier between swimmers and boats.

Why Ecobarrier Floating Buoys EFB-650?

Like all Ecobarrier marine buoys, the 650 mm Ecobarrier Floating Buoy is manufactured from strong, durable UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene and filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam for additional strength and durability.

Small and lightweight (15 kg only), it is rotationally molded with a wall thickness of 7 mm and delivered ready for immediate installation. It can be customized with mould-in graphics, Hyperion LED solar marine lanterns to achieve increased visibility, or signage to suit customer requirements.

The design ensures that the buoy provides excellent buoyancy and stability (it floats even if outer shell is ruptured) while providing optimal visibility for the customized signage that says NO SWIMMING in this particular case.


With the help of Ecobarrier’s Floating Buoys EFB-650, Dubai is marking its coastline with marine buoys and important navigation messages to create safe swimming zones, protect its recreational resources and address the identified public safety needs.

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