Ecobarrier Floating Buoy EFB-650 - Waagner Biro - 2020
Published on 31 May ‘20
New Ecobarrier buoys designed for inland waterways
Ecobarrier Floating Buoy EFB-650 - Waagner Biro - 2020

New Ecobarrier buoys designed for inland waterways

We are expanding our Ecobarrier Floating and Navigation Buoy lines, specifically for inland waterways.

The new ENB-400 Ecobarrier Navigation Buoy is suitable for water depths up to 5 meters. It is a perfect solution for nearshore applications, waterways and marinas. Its total weight is only 4.5 kilograms, making it extremely convenient to use and transport. The buoy is available in standard high visibility yellow, green and red as per IALA recommendations E-108. For increased visibility at night, Hyperion solar marine lanterns can be fitted to the new buoy for a complete demarcation solution.

ENB-400 Ecobarrier Navigation Buoy
EFB-400 Ecobarrier Floating Buoy

The EFB-400 Ecobarrier Floating Buoy is constructed for mooring or demarcation. It is spherical shaped with stainless steel inserts, greatly reducing current drag and improving mooring performance.

The new buoys are filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam for added strength and buoyancy in an unlikely event of damage. They are rotationally molded from UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene for extreme weather conditions, and designed for easy deployment and maintenance. On-mould and mould-in graphics are also available, including the traditional and next-generation of mooring systems.

Why use us?

1. Full range of marine buoys, marine lanterns and marine mooring solutions, enabling us to cover all your needs. The entire Ecobarrier buoys range is manufactured in the UAE, making them readily available to any location across the Middle East, as they can practically be delivered within days. Our partnership with GISMAN enables us to offer a complete marine navigation solution, with buoys up to 3,000mm diameter.

2. Expert tech support. We can help you identify the right specifications and design navigation requirements, as per IALA norm requirements to guarantee safe navigation. In addition, we can determine the required specifications of mooring lines and blocks for anchoring of buoys for your specific project through our advanced mooring calculator, Moorforce.

3. Best quality materials & manufacturing. Endorsed by industry experts, approved & specified by Dubai Municipality (UAE). As an example, we have been replacing failing buoys from another marine manufacturer by our EFB-650 Ecobarrier Floating Buoys since 2017 (pictured above). Over 200 buoys have been replaced so far across the UAE coastline. An endorsement pack is available upon request.

To learn more about our marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) portfolio and new buoys, click here to visit the webpage and download the datasheets. To schedule a live product demonstration, email us at [email protected].

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