Goodbye Faded Buoys, Hello GISMAN, Master in Rotational Moulding
Published on 14 Jun ‘20
Goodbye faded buoys, hello GISMAN, master in rotomolding
Goodbye Faded Buoys, Hello GISMAN, Master in Rotational Moulding

Goodbye Faded Buoys, Hello GISMAN, Master in Rotational Moulding

As most of you know by now, we partnered with GISMAN in 2019 to deliver one of the most comprehensive lines of marine Aids to Navigation across the GCC markets, as well as Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Established in 1860, GISMAN can draw on an impressive 160 years of experience in marine and river Aids to Navigation (AtoN). What’s more, in the early 1990s, GISMAN was acknowledged as a pioneering designer and manufacturer of modular plastic navigational buoys with rotational moulding polyethylene float. Say goodbye to faded buoys, hello to GISMAN, the master in rotational moulding.

Rotational moulding is an art that GISMAN has mastered now for around 25 years, not mirrored by anyone else in the marine industry world. Their polyethylene (PE) buoys – also called plastic buoys – are manufactured with modern, state-of-the-art rotational moulding machines.

Quality of the raw materials is one of the most critical factors in the rotomolding process to ensure a result that exceeds designer and user expectations, and is another key differentiating factor from the competition.

GISMAN uses virgin pre-compounded materials (polymer and additives), which means that the raw materials are colored, resulting in better color uniformity of the finished product. The materials also include UV-stabilizing additives to reduce color ageing, and the highest quality of color pigments to reduce color fading. Test certificates can be provided upon request. This is very important for countries with high UV levels such as the Middle East, to ensure for example that a red colored buoy does not suffer from discoloration and fading and become pink, as seen in the photo here below.

Goodbye Faded Buoys, Hello GISMAN, Master in Rotational Moulding Goodbye Faded Buoys, Hello GISMAN, Master in Rotational Moulding

GISMAN products are manufactured in the European Union (EU), to exacting standards under strict quality control procedures. A rigorous quality control plan is instituted to monitor and control each manufactured part and marine buoy prior to shipping.

We offer a complete marine navigation solution to aid safe navigation worldwide: Ecobarrier and GISMAN buoys up to 3,000mm dia, Hyperion marine lanterns for demarcation purposes, and Ecomoor, the next-generation of mooring systems. Get in touch for further information!

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