Ecocoast’s ENB range of buoys deliver results for high-profile Dubai projects

Ecocoast’s ENB range of buoys deliver results for high-profile Dubai projects
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This case study details how Ecocoast’s ENB range of buoys deliver results for high-profile Dubai projects – The Pointe on Palm Jumeirah and Bulgari Resort on Jumeirah Bay Island.

Ecocoast was contacted by two of Dubai’s most high-profile developments about providing marine safety and guidance systems from our portfolio of products to help demarcate restricted areas and keep visitors, guests, and residents safe and secure while enjoying the facilities on offer.

Although the two developments – respectively The Bulgari Resort and The Pointe – were both recommended our Ecobarrier ENB product range, it is interesting to note that both had different uses in mind for it, illustrating its versatility and adaptivity.

Ecocoast’s ENB range of buoys deliver results for high-profile Dubai projects

Having opened in 2017, the Bulgari Resort is regarded as one of Dubai’s premier luxury hospitality destinations. Built on Jumeirah Bay Island, a six-million square foot manmade island in the shape of a seahorse, the Bulgari Resort offers its guests private beach access and a variety of water sports to enjoy.

Therefore, we recommended our Ecobarrier ENB-1250 buoys to mark the entrance channel to the marina, where they would be used to guide vessels into the marina, while also keeping them away from the breakwater, thereby ensuring safe passage.

In order to ensure this, we worked with the marina managers to understand what their requirements and budgets were, before providing a cost-effective solution, which was approved by DMCA. We have been working with the Bulgari team since 2018, so there is a strong level of trust and reliability between us. This was evident in the way we worked with the client to optimise the number of buoys deployed, while still ensuring that we had an effective and safe entrance channel marking system in place.

Ecocoast’s ENB range of buoys deliver results for high-profile Dubai projects

Ecocoast was appointed as a contractor for the full scope of the project – this included design, DMCA approvals, deployment, and thereafter annual maintenance. Immediately upon approval, the engineering team started working on layouts and DMCA approvals.

Once the final coordinates for deployment were approved by DMCA, the team planned out the mobilisation and installation of the buoys, using our experienced foremen, divers, and a workboat. This was carried out quickly and smoothly over the course of a single day.

While this may have been a relatively straightforward job, there were still challenges to overcome, with the deployment of the buoys taking place in an active marina entrance, meaning that a high level of safety planning was needed to ensure a successful result.

In the one year since the buoys have been deployed, our team at Ecocoast has conducted quarterly follow ups and inspections, and we’ve been pleased to note that the client has not faced any problems with the systems till date. They tell us that they are very happy with our products, as well as our services.

Another recent project on which our Ecobarrier ENB-600 buoys and Hyperion HL-1 lanterns were deployed was The Pointe on Nakheel’s Palm Jumeirah.

The Pointe is an AED800 million dining and entertainment destination, which is home to 70 restaurants, shops, and other attractions. The 1.4 million square foot development overlooks the waters around the Palm Jumeirah, which also house a massive dancing fountain that offers daily shows to visitors.

Ecocoast’s ENB range of buoys deliver results for high-profile Dubai projects

Therefore, Ecocoast was hired by The Pointe’s operations team to demarcate the areas around the water fountain and keep jet skis and boats away from it. They were also in need of a quick release mechanism for the maintenance team to be able to open and enter the area with their boat, to carry out daily maintenance works.

As a result of these requirements, we offered the client our SRB recreational barriers, ENB-600 buoys and HL-1 lanterns as an easy to maintain, modular solution which is cost-effective to manage and replace in case of damage. Not only is the modular solution easy to replace and maintain, but we can also offer fast delivery for it.

It was because of these reasons that we were chosen as a contractor for the project’s supply and installation, over a competitor who offered a ‘one-size-suits-all’ solution and long lead times.

The end result has been that our client is very happy with the delivery and installation schedule that we offered, as it enabled them to commission the project on time.

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