Oil Boom Reels provide quick and easy deployment during emergencies
Published on 22 Nov ‘21
Oil Boom Reels provide quick and easy deployment during emergencies
Oil Boom Reels provide quick and easy deployment during emergencies


About a month ago, Libya’s National Oil Corporation announced that it had managed to bring under control an oil spill at an offshore storage facility.

According to the company, the leak occurred at the Farwah facility, which is owned by Mabruk Oil Operations, and took place while a tanker was loading oil. While details on the incident are few and far between, it was communicated that the spill was handled before any major ecological damage was done to the North African country’s shoreline.

Unfortunately, across the globe, another oil spill wasn’t quite so well managed, with a gash in an underwater pipeline sending tens of thousands of gallons of oil into the waters around Los Angeles, California, forcing the closure of beaches and endangering protected marshlands and local wildlife.

These incidents are by no means a one-off, with oil spills occurring on a regular basis around the world, causing untold damage to flora and fauna.

Oil boom reels – Oil spill control made easy

In the interests of protecting our natural resources and environment, we have a portfolio of oil booms that have been designed to protect marine areas from the damage caused by oil discharge. They can be deployed in ports, harbours, pipelines and intake projects, as well as marinas and waterways.

However, the storage and care of these booms is equally as important as their deployment and usage, as ensures their longevity and performance. Therefore, we have launched a series of Oil Boom Reels that help with the storage and deployment of oil booms.

Mainly utilised for Inflatable Oil Booms, the oil boom reels can also store the Ecobarrier Foam-Filled Oil Booms.

These reels work by having the oil booms wound around a central structure. They come in two styles – the Mechanical or the Hydraulic, with the former being manually operated using a lever on the reel, while the latter is electronically operated. Each reel is specifically designed based on input such as the type of boom being used, the weight of the boom, and its total length.

The reels have been built for use in emergency situations, with ease of installation and removal a key consideration for the design team. They can be stowed on a boat and rapidly transported to the location of the spill, and because the panels are pre-assembled prior to being fitted on the reel, the towing boat can quickly deploy them, as well as remove them from the location by reeling them back onto the oil boom – a key consideration given how fast oil spills can change directions due to currents and wind.

Once the booms have been manufactured at our facility, the panels are connected to each other, and one end is attached to the reel. By offering this service to the client, we can ensure that each boom is built to clients’ specifications, while also providing a safe, robust, and space-saving storage solution, which will protect the boom till it is ready for deployment. Our Inflatable Oil Booms are stored deflated on the reel, and can be inflated quickly using air compressor pumps, while Ecobarrier Foam-Filled Oil Booms can be stored and deployed directly.

Download the technical oil boom datasheets in the specs table here, or get in touch with us to know more!


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